Photographing Workshop Colombia

A birding tour in this country is outstanding. This program is made to reveal a real photographing experience through the country.

Blue-winged mountain Tanager

Photographing Workshop Colombia




13 Days



Group Size

4 - 6


3.726 mdpl

About Colombia

Colombia has the world’s biggest list of birds, 1937 species wich 160 are Hummingbirds, 141 Tanagers and many Trogons, Chlorophonias, Parrots, Orioles, Toucans and other special birds to photograhing; in adiction, Colombia has almost 80 endemics and 135 nearly endemics.


At 3,400 m.a.s.l. (Cold weather) is located the Hotel Termales del Ruiz ( here you can Birding and take a healtfulbath thermal, feeders here are great, we spend our time for Black-tighed and Golden-breasted Pufflegs, Shining Sunbeam, Viridian and Tyrian Metaltails, Great Sapphirewing, Buff-winged Starfrontlet, Collared Inca, Mountaine Velvetbrest and the amazing Rainbow-bearded Thornbill. Endemic Buffy Helmetcrest is pissible up just 10 km from Termales Hotel, you can spend a morning for it cute hummingbird. On ten day we will back to Manizales. Overnight in Paraíso Verde Hotel.

Tour Location

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