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Northern Peru Endemics




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Northwestern Peru covers specific types of habitats that hold big amounts of endemic species. Some of these include the unique Marvelous spatuletail and Inca finches as well as some other regional endemics that Peru shares with Ecuador such as the Maranon Thrush, Maranon Crescentchest, and Tumbes Tyrant.

The involvement of local people, communities, and active NGOs has provided the perfect scenario to develop ecotourism and birding as well as photography trips in the above-mentioned areas.

For the above reasons, we at Neblina Forest, have developed this very unique itinerary that will allow all our clients and in general, visitors to get the best out of this area. Also to those interested in archeological sites and ruins this is the perfect circuit.

The presence of sites with feeders, local reserves, and national parks will allow us to show the birds and understand this very unique area and habits. We will be visiting tumbesian, marañonian, upper montane, cloud, and subtropical forest on this trip covering a very interesting range of altitudes which go from 400 mts all the way up to 3.800 mts.

Let me know… I think this will open new chances for you and Naturetrek.

  • Oilbirds and Marañon Crescent chest are some of the most iconic birds in the area.
  • Local Peruvian gastronomy with “Chicha Morada” and potatoes causes.
  • Marvelous Spatuletail is one of the most amazing and endemic hummingbirds in Peru.
  • Wonderful visit & birding at “Kuelap” the outstanding archeological pre-Inca ruins constructed by the Chachapoyas Culture
  • Hummingbird feeders all over the places and lodges visited with great views of these amazing creatures.
  • Great chances to support local efforts of conservation and views of one of the most enigmatic birds Whiskered Owlet with Ecoan Foundation.
  • Incredible and dazzling views of the Marañon river


This place belongs to the Ecoan foundation the lodge was established to protect some endangered birds but especially the; The Long-whiskered Owlet (Xenoglaux loweryi) was rediscovered after 35 years of being presumed extinct. One of the smallest owls in the world, it can be easily found in the Abra Patricia-Alto Nieva zone. This owl is the size of a clenched fist and can barely be seen with the naked eye since it camouflages with its branches and moss habitat. In order to observe it, we use a technique known as play-back and depend on our experienced guides to help us observe the owls briefly with a focused flashlight. Species we'll target during our time immersion include such legendary ones as Royal Sunangel, Bar-winged Wood-Wren, Lulu's Tody-Tyrant, Yellow-scarfed Tanager, Chestnut-crested Cotinga, White-faced Nunbird, Cinnamon Screech-Owl, White-capped Tanager, Emerald-bellied Puffleg, Great Sapphirewing, among others, in the afternoon we will visit the feeders at Alto Nieva. Dinner and overnight.

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