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A silent moment of wonder

A human silhouette progresses through the paramo tufts. Its blue and olive stand out against the tawny color of the grass of these highlands plateau. It is Valentine's Day and Nature in the Antisana moors is our Valentine. Garry decided to risk approaching the group of Black-faced ibises that we were able to find feeding in the "Sheep corral area".

As he reduced the distance between him and the ibises, they started to group and act nervous. Finally, when they felthe was too close, they took off heading south, only to land a few yards away from where Garry was still standing.

This is one of those moments of silent interaction that we all want to experience with Nature. The very second when a group of ibises take off in front of our eyes.

Gustavo Xavier Cañas-Valle

Hacienda Antisana, Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Group Schmalz / Birding Adventures Inc. x 10

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