Neblina Forest Birding Tours

Amazon Program or Ecuador Programs Extension


Mealy Amazon, Bill Blackledge 2005


Average expected number of birds during the trip: 350 to 400 species. Vegetation Types Visited: 3 out of 16 Ecuadorian Vegetation Types. Total habitats visited: 3 out of 20. Altitude Range: 200 to 518 meters (656 to 1,700 feet)

A Top-Ten Bird List by Habitat follows:



Top Ten Highlight Birds

Western Cordillera: Cloud Forest and Lower Mountain Forest


Andean potoo, Rufous-vented whitetip, Moustached antpitta, White bellied antpitta, Golden-winged todyflycatcher, White-capped and Metallic-green tanager, Golden-collared honeycreeper

Amazonian Region east of the Andes: Lowland rain forest and Seasonally Inundated Areas

Coca and Jungle Lodge chosen

Orange-crested manakin*, Cocha antshrike*, Zigzag Heron, Nocturnal and Slavin's curassows, Long tailed potoo, Scarlet-shouldered parrotlet, White-eared and White-chinned jacamar, Purple-throated cotinga

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