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David Fisher 2009-02-09

Dear Mercedes and Xavier,

I'm now back home and getting on top of things again, even though my flat is surrounded by deep snow! I wanted to thank you both most sincerely for all your help on my recent visit to Ecuador. You were very generous in allowing me to travel on the tour at the leader's rate, and I also really appreciated you arranging the extra days for me in the Mindo area.

That extension went very well. Fabian's father, Jorge, picked me up from Quito and took me to Alambi, then Fabian took over. The weather wasn't kind though, and as Xavier already knows we failed to make it through to Sachatambia that first night, being forced to return to Alambi instead.


Hi everyone:

Colombia is now an accessible and safe birding journey for people to enjoy the beauty, warmth and incredible endemics with itineraries offered by Neblina forest birding company of Ecuador. Gustavo Canas-Valle is a fine birder and planner who will make your trip rewarding and really show the wonders of the country and it's people as well as great birding locales and habitats. He is a fountain of information not only about the birds but the culture and history of places you visit in the country.

I just returned from an 11 day whirlwind trip visiting selected locations from Cauca and Magdalena valleys as well as a flight to Santa Marta region in the north for incredible birding on the coastal areas, mangroves and the Santa Marta mountains for incredible scenery and many endemics. Highlights there were the Santa Marta brush finch, Santa Marta mountain-tanager, Santa Marta parakeet, Santa Marta antpitta, White-tailed quetzal, Blossomcrown, among several Caribean coast specialties and Colombian endemics. If you want to have a wonderful birding tour which will fill you with memories and a need to return to colorful Colombia many times you cannot go wrong with Neblina Forest Colombia tours. Regards Bob August 7th, 2007

Caryn Throop Feb 2012-02-09

Dear Xavier and Mercedes,

Tom and I can hardly believe our good fortune. We had a perfect four days with Sandra and Edwin. We feel extremely lucky. Sandra probably told you that we saw so many condors flying in small groups and one large group of 11. All the beautiful country, the scenery, the wet air, each bird we saw, the plants and lovely flowers, the eating places, the people we met, El Descanso and Rodney--we loved it all. Oh, my, the hummingbirds! And tanagers, and every bird! Thank you so very much.

Caryn Throop


Dear Xavier and all the Pantanal gang,

I am in the midst of a marathon work session working with Guy and others on the "Mata Atlantica" book, with only short opportunities available for email, but wanted to let you, Xavier, know how much I appreciated all the hard work you did in organizing this trip for us, especially in sorting out those first days in Brasilia and getting us to that great new area outside of the city with the manakin and the jacamar. And I will never forget that glorious view out over the marshlands from the tower looking toward the throngs of herons and ibis at the rookeries.

It was fun being with you all, and the trip was wonderful. Great memories for everyone, including me. May the jaguars and the macaws thrive there forever!

Best wishes,


Hello Xavier and Mercedes,

I want to thank you for planning our trip to the Pantanal. It was a great experience and I was able to see some birds I have been waiting to see, such as the Jabiru, Agami Heron and Hyacinth Macaw. I loved all the places we stayed. It was such a nice variety. I was sorry to hear when we arrived in Rio that Xavier, you had broken your leg. I hope it is healing well and you are not too uncomfortable. The replacement guide Alyson Melo was very good. He knows the birds well and all the calls. He was patient and tried to answer all our questions and had many interesting anecdotes and information about the birds-Sungrebes have pouches under their wings to carry their young?? I did get some very nice photos, and if I make any paintings I will try to email them to you. Thank you very much for all your efforts.

Audrey Lynn Evers

Bird-watching in Ecuador

Y. Takahashi/ Sapporo/Japan

 In the bird-watching monthly magazine “Birder Japan” of September & October in 2009 I had read the feature articles “Ecuador is the paradise for bird-watching”. I knew that birds in Ecuador are registered more than 1,600 species, and there are 60 lodges and more, so I had desire when I take the opportunity, I would go to Ecuador at all costs.

And the chance became fast unexpectedly, this September we could arrived at Quito with 12 bird watching members. This tour was composed 7 nights 8 days stayed five lodges where were located near Quito. We came across birds more than 200 species, so that we were satisfied very much with this result. I could watched almost birds that I expected, for example, only hummingbirds counted more than 38 species, and the others Condor, Andean cock of the rock, Giant Antpitta, Channel-billed Toucan, Masked Trogon, two species of Quetzal etc. Andean Hillstar and Tawny Antpitta with those we met on a point of 4,000 m above sea level gave me strong impression.

Ann Forster

We used to travel with Victor Emanuel a lot and then some with Field Guides. We got so tired of large groups and as we got to be better birders we realized how much good birding time was wasted trying to get 14 people organized. When we went on the VENT trip co-led by Paul Greenfield, Paul told us that Neblina Forest was going to offer birding trips. We wrote you and became some of your first clients. We enjoyed those trips and came to really appreciate that smaller groups could go into places that big groups could not or would not go. Some of the best birds do not live near a five star hotel and restaurant.

The best part is that we consider you, Xavier, Lelis, Solange, and Fabian as some of our dearest friends ever. We love bringing friends down to experience Ecuador and Neblina hospitality.

Love to all, Ann

Evelyn Ebsworth March 2012

Dear Xavier,

Many thanks for your message. We are now safely back at home, and had a wonderful time in Ecuador. We particularly enjoyed our time with you, but we had excellent birding with Santiago and at the Napo Wildlife Centre. Unfortunately the weather was not all that good, and we lost a lot of time through heavy rain in the highlands, as we did with you, but we saw some excellent birds, and hear a lot about Santiago's project with the bears. We are most grateful to you for the time you took with us and your putting up with our general slowness, and we enjoyed your company in particular. We hope to see you here around the time of Bird Fair - let us know what your plans are.

Can you possibly let me have Carmen Bustamente's email address? We want recipes from her. I have found some on the internet, but we'd like hers!

Thanks again for all your time, trouble, help and company

With very best wishes Evelyn