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John Dwyer & Linda Le Blanc.

Dear Xavier,

Linda and I arrived home this morning. We had a fabulous time that exceeded all expectations. The itinerary and the guides were fantastic and we both agree it was one of our best trips ever. Thank you for putting it together for us on such short notice. I took about 2,700 photos and 30 short videos and will be posting some of them on Facebook and Flickr as I get them edited. This may take me awhile!

Hugs, John and Linda
Country : Brasil
October 2017

Ecuador - ANDES AMAZON EXOTIC - Noviembre 2007 - Mark Garland 2008-01-02


Good to hear from you -- best wishes to you, your family, and Neblina Forest in the coming year. [...]I would love to do another trip with you. I am packing today to leave for Costa Rica tomorrow, however, so discussions about another trip will have to wait until I return. Thanks for being such a great friend, Xavier, and for everything you have done to make my recent trips to Ecuador so excellent. Mark Garland Nature Tours

Ecuador - ANDES AMAZON EXOTIC - March 2007 - Veenstra Group from Holland 2007-05-12

Ecuador is a great country for bird watching. It has an amazing biodiversity. Neblina Forest organizes bird watching tours to places varying from the highland (altitude close to 4000 m.) to the Amazonian forest. In 16 days we've spotted more than 500 bird species, which is a third of the total number of species in Ecuador. We've even seen an owl which is still unidentified [to be described for science, at San Isidro Lodge].

The bird guides are incredible. They hear and see a lot and they can show the location of the birds by using laser light. They play back registered songs of the birds to attract the birds. It's very nice when they manage to show a specific bird through their telescope. The guides know where to go to look for some rare bird species. Our tour has been very well organized by Neblina Forest. We can recommend their tours to any bird fan. H.W. Veenstra & A.H. Veenstra

Derek Moore – Conservationist & Ornithologist

Derek Moore Conservationist & Ornithologist

I recently spent two weeks with friends touring the Pantanal and some other sites in Brazil which was organized by Neblina Forest Tours. Thanks to Xavier Munoz we enjoyed perhaps the best wildlife experience ever. His diligence and expertise helped us to see almost 300 bird species as well as great views of Jaguars, Giant River otters and Brazilian Tapirs. His energy and leadership ensured that a tight schedule was achieved with the minimum of discomfort.

Thank you
Xavier we will never forget the Pantanal.

David Wilcove, January 2012.

Dear Xavier,

I enjoyed the trip thoroughly and look forward to returning to Ecuador to see more of its amazing birdlife. On that next trip, I would like to spend a little more time trying to lure elusive forest birds (such as antpittas and tapaculos) into view with the tapes.

Thank you again for your hospitality and leadership.

Best wishes and good birding,
David Wilcove
Princeton – New Jersey

David S. Wilcove, Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Xavier and Jose Antonio, A great trip

I wanted to let you know how much Jacob and I enjoyed our trip to Lago Junin and Bosque Unchog. Victor was extraordinarily capable and helpful; our driver Antonio was excellent; and the local guides Cesar (Lago Junin) and Reyes (Bosque Unchog) were knowledgeable and helpful. Cesar in particular literally dragged me in a kayak through a kilometer or so of mud at Lago Junin to show me the grebe.

"I want to thank Neblina Forest for a fantastic trip to Lago Junin and Bosque Unchog. We saw virtually every bird we hoped to see, thanks to the Neblina team and its network of local guides. I look forward to future trips with Neblina Forest."

David S. Wilcove, Princeton, New Jersey

David Pearson Colombia Feb 2013.

Neblina hit another home run with my tour to the Cauca Valley of Colombia this February. We found more than 420 species of birds in 10 days, including 40 of my target species. Alejandro Solano was spectacular as always with not only the birds but with plants, general natural history and insight into knowing exactly what I wanted to do and see. Gustavo Cañas was more than just the driver and a great addition to the tour as well. Colombia is exciting, accessible, and opening up fast. Where else can you go and see two species that don't even have a scientific name yet officially described for them? I guess that Colombia will quickly become the leading destination for birders wanting to search for the many endemic species as well as be treated to the wonderfully open and friendly people that live there.

David L Pearson
School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe AZ 85287-4501
dpearson at

David Pearson


In July, Alejandro Soleno guided me for nine days in pursuit of as many as possible of the 95 Ecuadorian bird species I have not yet seen. We found 515 bird species on the trip, of which 21 were new ones for me, as well as a pair of Mountain Tapirs walking across the trail only 7 meters from us.
The birding was exciting as it always is in Ecuador, but Alejandro's positive and inquisitive attitude toward general biology together with his phenomenal ability to identify birds by their slightest movements and call notes made this one of the most enjoyable trips I have had there in the last 40 years.

David L Pearson

School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe AZ 85287-4501


Hi Mercedes,

The trip went very well. Fito was the best bird guide I have had and Edwin was also very good- not only a very good driver but a very good birder as well. They make a great team. I would go with either one of them anytime again. In fact we all talked about a trip to Bolivia next!

I now have over 800 on my Ecuador list and Michael is at 700 so we did very well...about 300 for the trip.

Thanks for the great organization and for giving us Fito and Edwin. Never let those two go!

David Middleton