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Come along to wonder with Ecuador's and South America's birds and wildlife. Experience with us the silence on the wings of the birds, and their songs...

Pantanal, Brazil 2015

brasil pantanal

Birds and Wildlife of the Pantanal, Brazil


OCT 9 – OCT 22
JULY 17 – JULY 30
SEPT 4 – SEPT 17
OCT 9 – OCT 22

PRICE : $ 5.300 per person / double room
MAX : 10 PAX
Available : 7
Guide: Xavier Muñoz or Allison Melo


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Pantanal Cruises 8 days/7 nights

Looking for Jaguars Available from June October For further info please contact to :

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Thoughts we share
Our Deepest Fear
author: Marianne Williamson

toucan Cherry Throated Tanager & Brazilian Merganser
Scounting Trip Report Santos & Minas Gerais States

manakin The Brazilian Caatinga Alagoas,
Northen Bahía & Ceará States trip report


New pocket field guide for Ecuador

Our partner ( Lelis Navarrete ) and senior guide who has been working with us 20 years ago has published in conjunction with Miles Macmoullan this unique and superb efficient guide :

Ecuador News

neblina forest
I first visited Ecuador in August 2012 for a week, drawn by the prospect of seeing Spectacled Bears and Mountain Tapirs in the Andes, topped of with a range of nice primates in the Napo Valley.

Derek Moore
& Ornithologist

neblina forest
I recently spent two weeks with friends touring the Pantanal and some other sites in Brazil which was organized by Neblina Forest Tours.

World Wild Zoom

Wildlife Photos Guide

World Wild Zoom specializes in a unique collection of photographic guide-book applications for iPad, using world-class images -all taken in natural, wild situations- shown in a book like format with priority given to the photography.

BBWF 2012

real umbrella

Fourteen Years Now

NEBLINA FOREST Birding Tours has been attending to the British Birdwatching Fair in Rutland Water since 1998.

Dear Friends

neblina forest We are posting this picture of our son Tony and our brand new daughter Daniela. Tony grew up with Neblina Forest. First he was the waiter at the lodge when he was only 10 years old. He continued to grow with birding as he carried the telescope for Xavier during short birding trips. As he showed his interest for cars, he drove for us and managed the office. But he had his own dreams and is now a very successful General Motors hybrid expert. He has turned on his own path.
Mercedes and Xavier

Our recent
clients say

Client : Caryn Throop
Month : Feb 2012-02-09

Dear Xavier and Mercedes,
Tom and I can hardly believe our good fortune. We had a perfect four days with Sandra and Edwin. We feel extremely lucky. Sandra probably told you that we saw so many condors flying in small groups and one large group of 11.

Our recent
clients say

Client : David Wilcove
Month : January 2012
Country : USA

Dear Xavier,
I enjoyed the trip thoroughly and look forward to returning to Ecuador to see more of its amazing birdlife. On that next trip, I would like to spend a little more time trying to lure elusive forest birds (such as antpittas and tapaculos) into view with the tapes.

Our recent
clients say

Client : David Pearson
Month : July 2011
Country : Ecuador

In July, Alejandro Soleno guided me for nine days in pursuit of as many as possible of the 95 Ecuadorian bird species I have not yet seen. We found 515 bird species on the trip, of which 21 were new ones for me, as well as a pair of Mountain Tapirs walking across the trail only 7 meters from us.

Our Reserve

Neblina Forest has been a leader in environmental
habitat protection...

Birds seen during our

Bearded Helmetcrest

A Bearded helmet-crest landed right in front of our eyes, as we arrived to the Los Nevados National Park, Caldas, Colombia, April 11th, 2010. Photo by Gustavo Cañas – Valle, 2010



Special tour 2010 BIRDING IN THE 

10 days /9 nights

You leave Miami in the afternoon on America's scheduled service to Quito. We will arrive in Quito in the evening and transfer to our simple but comfortable and centrally located hotel.


Conservation y maquipucuna
We at Neblina Forest are promoting ecotourism as a strong tool for Conservation. We have been doing so the last 20 years in our professional career.

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Our Partners in Conservation and Tourism

Neblina Forest has stablished working relationships with organizations and companies dedicated to conservation and nature tourism. Our partners' and our goal is to promote conservation through responsible tourism, based on principles of environmental protection and social equity
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